It can be really hard to stay positive given how the world is right now and also due to the fact that 2020 has been really tough. So I deliberately put together a list of 20 positive affirmations you should tell yourself daily. We are what we say. The mind is a powerful place and what you feed it can affect you in a powerful way. For example, if you look at your face everyday when you wake up and think you’ll never be great, you’ll never be great not because you weren’t destined to be great but because your negative thoughts will somehow find a way to cut you up and murder your faith and belief in yourself.

positive affirmations to tell yourself daily
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Our affirmations have a huge impact on how great we will be and how far we will go in life. Positive affirmations are positive statements that can help you to challenge and overcome negative and self demeaning thoughts. When you repeat them often and believe in them, you will start to make positive changes. Here are some handpicked positive affirmations you should tell yourself daily:

1) I am not a failure.

2) My strength is greater than any struggle.

3) I am loved (I deserve love).

4) I am worthy of joy, love, and happiness.

5) I am proud of myself.

6)  I am attractive, my acne or whatever skin, body or health condition is attractive too.

7) Everything about me is just perfect.

8) I appreciate myself, my past, present, failures, success and everything about myself.

9) I am good enough.

10) I have the courage to say “NO”.

11) I can do it.

12) There will always be bad days but I’ll always come out stronger.

13) I am confident, I believe in myself.

14) I am getting closer to my true self everyday.

15) I will never give up. I wasn’t made to give up.

16) I am in control of my thoughts and feelings.

17) My past is not a reflection of my future.

18) I am strong, powerful, resilient and nothing will ever bring me down.

19) I’ll keep fighting, I know I am not a quitter. Champions don’t quit and I am a champion.

20) I will sail through whatever hurdles life throws at me. I’ll sure as hell make lemonades out of lemons.


  • I know my worth.
  • I am fearless.
  • I am at peace with who I am as a person.
  • I accept my past.
  • I am courageous and I’ll stand up for myself.
  • I don’t need someone else to be happy.
  • I am bold, I am beautiful, I am me!

Some people say affirmations out loud in front of a mirror, some repeat them in their head like a mantra during meditation while some write it down. I love saying affirmations out loud and I also love writing them down and pasting them on the wall where I can see them often. You might prefer chanting it like a mantra which is also cool. Whichever way you do it, what’s important is that by telling yourself these positive affirmations, you are building yourself, strengthening your mind and gently making yourself into the person you want to be!

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What are your thoughts on positive affirmations? Which positive affirmation is your favourite and which do you relate to the most?


  1. Yes! To be loved is a wonderful affirmation. It's one of my favorite affirmations and yea it is good to say these affirmations to yourself even if there's someone to say it for you because knowing that you can say positive and nice things to yourself brings you to a whole new level of confidence and fulfillment. Thanks Pip! 😍

  2. Positive affirmations are powerful! You should start telling yourself positive affirmations daily. Positive affirmations really help and they can get you going when you least expect it. 💗

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