Kindness is like the snow, it never fails to add beauty to what it covers. It is very important to show kindness wherever you go and in whatever you do. The holiday season is filled with joy, great memories and happiness but just as important as it is to enjoy yourself this holiday season it is also important to show kindness to people and put a smile on someone’s face. So here are some ways to show kindness this holiday season!

ways to show kindness this holiday season

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1) Support small businesses.

2) Give someone a tip!

3) Donate to charity.

4) Run an errand for someone.

5) Pay for someone’s meal.

6) Donate blood.

7) Give a gift card to the mail person, garbage person or delivery person.

8) Think about who needs extra love. The holidays bring so much joy and happiness but the holidays can be a time of grief or sadness for people who are struggling with one problem or the other. So extend a helping hand, check in with those people, let them know you care about them and try your best to brighten their day!

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ways to show kindness this holiday season

9) Pay for someone’s coffee.

10) Thank someone in your life for the positive impact they have made in your life.

11) Give dinner to a beggar or homeless person.

12) Visit the hospital and give little gifts to the patients.

13) Donate items, toys, food stuffs or clothing that are not in use.

14) Leave a small gift near your partner or lover’s bed for him/her to find in the morning.

15) Offer to give someone a ride.

16) Smile at everyone.

17) Give the waitress/bartender a nice tip.

18) Bake some cookies and take them to an orphanage or to places where people will still work during Christmas like hospitals, gas stations, etc.

19) Write a note to each member of your family telling them what you love about them.

20) Leave your child a small gift that you know he/she would love!

While the holidays are joyous and happy for many, holidays can be really difficult for others. Showing kindness during this festive period can be extremely rewarding and it can completely brighten someone’s day. What is your favourite way of showing kindness during the festive season?


  1. It is more important than ever to show kindness. A lot of acts of kindness doesn't cost anything either! Even checking in and see what activities you can do to help or even brighten someone's mood can go a long way! Thanks for sharing this list!

    Nancy ✨

  2. These are such lovely ideas!! Thank you so much for sharing. I think I might write little notes to my family actually as my first kind thing x x

  3. Yes Claire! You should write little notes to your family! I bet they would really love it! I am planning to do the same and I know I am gonna really cute reactions lol! XOXO

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