Christmas is fast approaching right? Oh yea it is! As much as it is important to have a great Christmas, it is also very important to put things in place so as to get the desired Christmas atmosphere . Having an organized Christmas plays a very important role in how outstanding your Christmas is going to be but honestly, it can be super difficult to be organized during Christmas. There’s always so much to do that sometimes things just end up being really disorganized but I have some good news here as today I will be sharing some tips on how to have a more organized Christmas! Let’s get straight into it!

how to be more organized this Christmas

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If you wanna have a more organized Christmas, shopping early is a must! I once shopped late for Christmas and it was so not funny. There’s always this great panic and rush that comes with late Christmas shopping and it sucks. Shopping early allows you to calm down, take into consideration the things you need and the things you don’t need and it also saves you the stress of last minute rush. Shopping early is a very important step to a more organized Christmas.


I find planners so helpful. Oh my God! They always come through for me. Getting a Christmas planner is a way to get all your shit together as a Christmas planner will help you identify or itemize what you need and what you do not need. I got myself a lovely printable Christmas planner this year and it has been super helpful. It helped me put together a list of what I need for Christmas. I used my Christmas planner before I went Christmas shopping. On my Christmas planner, (the page with the Christmas Shopping list) I wrote down all the things I wanted to buy for Christmas and when I went to the store, I bought everything I already took time to itemize on my Christmas planner. I was extremely happy because the Christmas planner really helped and my shopping was not stressful! Get yourself a Christmas planner!


Ever had things lying around everywhere? Hmnn clutter brings confusion lol. I find it so difficult to stay in a cluttered environment. A cluttered environment leads to a cluttered and disorganized mind and people with cluttered minds find it extremely difficult to be organized. Mind you a disorganized person cannot create an organized Christmas atmosphere. As you go along with your Christmas planning, it is very important to set a cleaning or decluttering schedule. Decluttering is an amazing way to free up space, make things look more organized, make space for Christmas decoration, etc and if you must have a more organized Christmas, decluttering is a great way to start!


This is an amazing way to have a more organized Christmas and what’s even better is the fact that the Christmas planner I mentioned above has a Christmas budget list which makes it even better! Yes you want to have a great Christmas holiday and you have all the funds but a Christmas without a budget will leave you spending almost all the money you have and that’s one of the many reasons why a Christmas budget is super important. Also so many people than I would like to admit end up facing hefty debts after Christmas but a Christmas budget helps you spend on the necessary. To avoid overspending, it is very important to make a budget and determine how much you can afford to spend on Christmas and then make a list of the necessary items like gifts/presents, food, Christmas decorations, etc. Then, give prices to each item, overestimating slightly. This helps give an estimate of how much you would spend and it would also help in curbing your Christmas spending!


Making a schedule for Christmas day is super helpful. It helps you identify what should be done and when it should be done.


It is very important to have a specific menu plan. Having a menu plan helps you know exactly what you need to buy, how much it will cost and how much time you will need to prepare it. It is better to start your menu plan by deciding what type of food you want to have on Christmas or asking your family members what they would love to have for Christmas. After that, add deserts, appetizers and side dishes. Then calculate what you’ll need to buy and how much you’ll need.

These are ways you can have a more organized Christmas. I put these tips into practice and they always work for me! What’s your go-to tip for having a more organized Christmas?


  1. This is a really helpful post with some great suggestions. I like to be organised over the holidays. Thank you for sharing.


  2. Brilliant advice! I love my Christmas planner, so much so I have bought myself a dedicated christmas bullet planner x

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