Christmas is my favorite holiday season. I love Christmas a lot and it gives so many openings for romantic dates! While you might not be able to eat out, visit that nice beach you’ve always wanted to visit and all, there are still lot’s of romantic dates ideas you can practice this lockdown. The pandemic, quarantine, lockdown and all might have made you lose interest in dates but all hope is not lost as you can still get your groove back on! Here are some cute Christmas date ideas to practice this Lockdown.

cute christmas date ideas

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Binge watch Netflix

Binge watching Netflix never goes out of style. Netflix has a range of Christmas movies that can make your date! This year, have a date with your partner by binge watching your favorites with your partner. I promise you’ll love it!

Have a cooking competition

I don’t know but I really love the idea of this! Having a cooking competition with your partner can be a cute way to spice things up. Decide on the meal to make, find the recipe, having a cooking competition and see who makes the best meal.

Revisit the memories

You know that photo album that has photos of you and your lover since you got together till now. Those presents you got each other on your 1st anniversary and all. Go back to them, revisit them and relieve the memories!

Game night

Game nights are amazing. They are one of the best ways to have a date night at home. A bit of competition would make it even more fun and interesting. Also, let there be a cute little something for whoever wins!

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Having an indoor picnic

I don’t know what exactly it is about indoor picnics but I love indoor picnics a lot. Having an indoor picnic is a chill way to spend time and have a nice date with your partner. 

christmas date ideas

Paint together

This is not for the artistic couple alone. You can still do this even if you are like me and you suck at painting. Get a paint brush, be free and let your hands do the magic. Painting with your partner is fun and you do not have to make a perfect painting. Just paint!   

Have a spa

I love spas. Having a spa with your lover is thrilling, fun and amazing. Also having a spa date is a good way to unwind, have fun and treat yourself to something good. So go for it!

Play a trivia game

Trivia games are so much fun! They are great for at home/indoor dates. They help you know more about your partner even though you feel you know everything about them. Trivia games help you to learn more about your partner and it brings you and your partner closer!

You can find fun trivia questions for couples online or make your questions! Below are some cute question to ask during your trivia game date night.

1) What attracted you to me?

2) What is your greatest fear?

3) What is your favorite thing about me?

4) If you had to save me or yourself, who would you save?

5) If you could get rid of one of my belongings, what would you get rid of?

These are some cute Christmas date ideas to practice with your partner. Which is your favorite? Which date idea are you gonna try? Let me know!

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