There is nothing we can’t do. All things are possible. Fear is a limiting factor. The fact that you are scared of something does not mean that you can’t achieve that particular thing. There are steps we are scared of taking, things we are scared of doing, etc but what if we did try to put two and two together and overcome our fears. Everyone has something they are scared of, even I am not exempted, I have fears too. Fear gives you an “I CANT” mentality. Fear is human, it is one of the basic human emotions and so you shouldn’t beat yourself up if you find yourself being scared of something as fears are part of life and even the bravest people have fears too. Fear is not the end of life. Fear is only a factor that tries to limit you and your actions and if you are looking for ways to overcome your fears, you have come to the right place. For me, FEAR has two meanings and here they are:

F – Face

E – Everything

A – And

R – Rise

FEAR also means:

F – False

E – Evidence

A – Appearing

R – Real 

tips for overcoming fear

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I gave two acronyms of fear and both acronyms play an important role in helping us overcome our fears. Most times, fear is false evidence appearing real. Fear makes us see things in a scarier way than they really are making it a lot more difficult for us to go for what we want but even when there is false evidence appearing real, it is very important to face everything and rise! Here are some ways to overcome your fears. 


This might sound absurd but some people have fears but have a hard time, finding out what exactly it is they are scared of and you can’t overcome your fears without first knowing exactly what you are scared of so take your time, think and find out what exactly you are scared of.


Facing your fears by doing the exact same thing you are scared of isn’t anything near easy. I have been there and I know it can be super difficult but trying to overcome your fears by doing the exact same thing you are scared of can really help take your fears away. Avoiding your fears will only make them seem scarier but when you face your fears head on, your fears will start to fade. For example, let’s say I’m scared of heights. To help overcome that fear of height, I’ll deliberately put myself in situations where I’ll need to do something that has to do with heights because the more you do something you are scared of, the braver and better you become at doing that same thing. 

Tips for overcoming fear


This is a crucial part of overcoming fear. Having a discussion with yourself does play a big role in helping you overcome your fears. When you find yourself being scared of something, have a discussion with yourself, ask yourself if those fears are worth it. Ask yourself if you want to continue being scared, ask yourself what triggers those fears and after asking yourself those questions, work towards overcoming your fears and take steps that will help you overcome your fears.


This is very important although you will agree with me on the fact that fear is part of life and sometimes you don’t need to be triggered by something before you start to feel scared (I have found myself feeling scared without any particular reason) but in overcoming your fears, it is very important to know what causes or brings about those fears. Only when you know the source of a problem would you really be able to deal with it so learn and identify your triggers.


Positive affirmations are amazing and they can help you overcome your fears. Whenever you start to feel scared, say positive affirmations yo yourself. Let’s say you are scared of not succeeding or making it in life. Whenever that fear of not making it in life pops up, you will tell yourself that you are a success and not a failure. You will tell yourself that you know you can do it. You will tell yourself that you can make it. Personally, I feel like there is a positive affirmation for every fear. Positive affirmations can change our outlook on life and even help us overcome our fears. 


I often advice people to see a counsellor or therapist if fear has become a part of their everyday life or if the fear has taken over their whole life. Fear is normal but in a situation where fear has started to take control of a person’s life and daily activities, it is important to see a therapist. Meeting a therapist can change your life for the better and it can help you overcome your fears.


Writing down your fears is a great way to overcome your fears. Writing your fears down is like taking a hefty load off yourself. While writing down your fears might not immediately take your fears away, writing down your fears will help you process your fears. When you put your fears on paper, you get some space from them. Writing down your fears helps you acknowledge your fears and it takes fear away from your mind where your fears have power over you into the light of the day where you have power over your fears.

Fear is the greatest enemy of progress. Fear makes reality seem scarier than it is and the fact that you are scared of something doesn’t mean you can’t do that thing and also, the fact that you are scared of something doesn’t mean it is as risky as it seems. Fear can stop you from living the life you want but it is time to do away with your fears and rise. Fear does have a way of magnifying things making them look scarier than they really are but most times, after conquering a particular fear, we often find out that it wasn’t as scary as it seemed and just in case you are wondering, overcoming your fears is worth it.

I hope this post has pushed you to take steps to overcome your fears! What are your fears? What tips do you use to overcome your fears?


  1. This is such a useful and interesting post, love the acronyms you came up with. Definitely agree that facing your fears can be hard but putting it off doesn't help.

    Tash – A Girl with a View

  2. This is such a helpful post. Fear is something we have all suffered from at some point but you've suggested some great tips. I love that you've given the word a couple of acronyms too.

  3. Really interesting post, thanks for sharing these helpful tips and ideas that will be useful to many people! x

    Sophie | Love and Literature

  4. This is such a great and helpful post. I have felt fearful here lately with everything going on, but these are great tips to overcome it. Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. I've always thought the bravest people are those who are scared but somehow find the wherewithal to do it anyway. Those who just fling themselves into life regardless are to be commended but those who struggle and then overcome their fears are the ones I admire. Great post!

  6. This is such a helpful post! I think it's so important to understand you're triggers and what you're actually scared of before you can set off in overcoming that fear xx

  7. I am scared of my own shadow, I am scared of getting things wrong, I am scared of letting people down. Wow, it's a lot!
    Some really great tips in this post on how to help me cope and manage a little better. Thank you!


  8. My biggest fear is failure, especially public failure. What has helped us constantly reminding myself that I have one life to live. I refuse to have regrets about things I don’t try all because I was afraid of failure.

  9. Talking to myself definitely has helped me get through my fears. I think facing your fears is important too, we grow from these confrontations. And I don't know about anyone else, but I've noticed that fears are not as bad as I think they are, especially if I have someone supporting me through it.

    That's another thing, sharing your fear with someone you trust can help tremendously.

  10. I love this! When it comes to fear, we have two choices – we can allow it to control our lives (and potentially deny us things that we want) or we can take control of it. Personally, I refuse to accept that there are things that I can't do simply due to fear. It may take longer and it may be uncomfortable, but we are capable of anything that we set our minds to.

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