Before the lockdown, I used to wake up early, go for lectures (I was always already on my way to lecture by 8am), and I used to get all my sh*t done but quarantine brought out the lazy part of me. There were times during the quarantine that I just wanted to laze in bed all day haha. It can be so hard to stay productive while quarantining and so here are tips to help you be more productive even while quarantining.

how to be more productive during quarantine

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I must admit that it can be so hard to want to get dressed during quarantine but getting dressed gives you that work mentality. It makes your brain think in the work direction. Quarantine has seen me wearing my PJ all day lol but I find that getting dressed does motivate me to get things done and getting dressed does help prepare me and my mind for work. Getting dressed plays an important role in productivity. Getting dressed improves the overall mood throughout the day and it increases productivity.


By saying a workspace, I mean a space where you can work with little to no distractions (A space away from distractions of any kind). If you create a workspace in the children’s room for instance, you will probably end up not doing anything lol. An at home workspace, is a perfect way to boost your productivity during the lockdown. Having a workspace helps you get into work mode. It helps you focus, it increases productivity and it helps minimize distraction.


Morning walks are refreshing. Walking for a few minutes every morning can give you just the boost you need to start your day. Staying in the same space everyday can make it difficult to be productive and staying in the same space everyday can also make you lose motivation to work but going for a morning walk does help clear the mind and it helps start the day on a clean note. Most times, I come back from my morning walk ready to tackle everything on my to-do list for the day.


A to-do list always comes in handy. There is something about to-do lists that make you want to get things done. A to-do list is always a source of motivation for me and getting to tick or put a checkmark on completed items make me feel so happy. I create to-do lists regardless of the quarantine and they are a major source of motivation for me to get things done. Here’s my to-do list for today!


The importance of getting adequate amount of sleep can never be overemphasized. Basically, when I don’t get enough sleep, I find myself feeling sleepy and unnecessarily lazy throughout the day. Getting adequate amount of sleep does help you think better, be more agile and be more productive in general. I never had a sleep routine in 2020 but I’m definitely making this year. I have never been the kinda person to dedicate time to sleeping but this year, I have dedicated more time to sleeping, so far it has been wonderful and I wake up every morning feeling extremely refreshed and ready to start my day on a high!


Even when trying to be productive during quarantine, it is important to take time out for you. If you are trying to get every other thing done while neglecting yourself, the you’ll most likely not achieve anything at all. You can’t achieve anything if you are not in good shape and creating time for you does help make sure you are mentally, emotionally and physically okay. Spending time with yourself helps you unwind, be more relaxed, think more clearly and it also helps you be more productive. Productivity goes hand in hand with being mentally, emotionally, physically okay. I find it so hard to be productive when I am not in good condition mentally or emotionally. If you are looking to be more productive this quarantine, you have to make time for you.


I have seen people work their asses off in a bid to be productive. During the quarantine, I once worked for 12 hours straight without taking a break and afterwards, I felt like I was going to collapse. As important as it is to be productive, it is also important to take a break and rest. Taking breaks in between work helps you regain your strength, unwind and helps you be more productive in general. I take 30 minutes break in between everything on my to-do list and the break makes me come back feeling even more refreshed and ready to work.

These are little ways I help to keep my productivity at it’s peak during quarantine. How do you stay productive during quarantine? What tips do you use? Let me know!


  1. Thank you for these productivity tips! Quarantine has messed up all our routines and made it harder to motivate ourselves sometimes, but doing things you've suggested like taking breaks (I'm bad at this!) and making sure we get dressed and go for a walk each day are a huge boost to our energy levels.

  2. I feel very lucky that I’ve been working my regular job through the pandemic. Though going out to my job has its risks, it has kept me in a pretty normal rhythm. On my days off, to do lists really help me be more productive. 🙂

  3. I HAVE to have a To Do list (or two – one on paper, one on the Trello app), there's no way I can remember everything I need to do for myself, my daughter and my husband otherwise! Big yes to getting dressed properly, and going for a walk, although we do ours after lunch 🙂

  4. What a fab post! I think getting dressed for the day is a must, as it makes such a difference. Totally agree it really helps your mood. I always take a morning walk nowadays as it's nice to have some fresh air and a break from screens for a while xx

    Hannah |

  5. These are great tips! I too have fallen victim to the sloth within me during quarantine. My motivation and productivity levels become so low that I have to make a conscious decision to snap myself out of it. I have tried these tips before and they are super helpful. Thank you for sharing!

  6. To-do lists, taking breaks, and actually getting dressed are some of the ones I swear by. I need to get better about taking walks or being active. I live in a townhome neighborhood and it's not exactly conducive for walks, so I have to put in a lot of extra effort to make that happen haha!

  7. These are all great tips! I have been struggling to get up at a decent time during lockdown until a month ago, so I am now trying to get up earlier even if it still sounds difficult. The days spent in PJs last year were far more than the one dressed, but I can't say I regret it. To do lists have saved the day though, it's so satisfactory to cross it when it's done. Thanks for sharing this x

  8. Great tips! I definitely feel you in feeling lazy because of quarantine, I'm in university too so I understand. I do basically all that you listed..I just try to be committed to them as much as possible 😅.

  9. This post is so helpful! It's a nice reminder for even those who think they have it all together (like myself). It's so crucial to still keep a schedule and routine during quarantine. It's the only way to stay productive. Despite being home we still have to focus on the work that needs to be done. Having a designated workspace is very helpful in keeping clarity and focus on the many task and projects- it really get's you into the mood to work. Being home can also cause you to burnout. So, taking breaks and giving yourself adequate self-care and me time is important too. I will be so happy when all of this is over. In the meantime, I will continue to take daily walks to clear my mind and keep me balanced and centered.

    xo Erica

  10. I love these tips about being more productive during the quarantine. It is so important to have a good place to work overall. Don't clutter your workspace! I like the idea of going on a morning walk. If you can do it safely, might as well! So important to take breaks as well. Usually, people like to bug me at work for help, but I do try to remind them I am a human too. Thanks for sharing all of these tips!

    Nancy ✨

  11. Great Post Ruth. You really nailed the tips. I'm finding that self care (like always for me) is something I'm trying to be more cognizant of. Thanks for the reminder.

  12. There's some great tips here. It's so hard to keep the right mindset given how long this has gone on for, but getting enough sleep is definitely important. Thanks for sharing.

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