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Valentine’s almost here. Valentine’s day is a day when we celebrate romantic love, affection and it is also a day when we express our love and affection to family, friends and all the important people in our lives. I love valentine a lot because it gives us the opportunity to let those who we love know how much we love, care for and appreciate them. Showing love to the important people in our lives is something we should do as often as possible but often times, we get so engrossed and carried away with work, our busy lives and other things that we sometimes forget to show love to those we really love but valentine reminds us of the necessities of showing love to those who really matter to us.

Valentine's day gift ideasPhoto by Maira Gallardo on Unsplash

Valentine’s day is a day of showing love, care and affection to those who really matter but it is mostly associated with ‘lovers’ and showing love to your partner, spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend. While valentine’s day holds a special place for lovers, it is for everyone and today, I’ll be sharing some cute valentine’s day gift ideas for your lover (him/her) and oh yeah, if you do not have a partner who you’ll be celebrating valentine’s day with I got you covered too! I love valentine’s day but I must admit that I don’t go all out for it. I celebrate valentine’s on the low in little ways!


1) A dress (for her, you)

I don’t know but a cute little red dress for your girl on valentine’s day is such a fab idea. Gift your girl a cute little red dress on valentine’s day, make her wear it and organize a cute little date night indoors afterwards. I promise you she’ll love it!

2) A mug (for him, her, you)

I love a pretty mug and I know so many people do too and if your lover loves mugs, a valentine themed or inspo mug would be just perfect!

3) Flowers (for you, him, or her)

You can never go wrong with flowers, whether you are getting them for your S/O or yourself, flowers are always an amazing way to show someone you love them.

4) A “reasons why I love you notebook” (for him, her, you)

I feel like there’s nothing better than getting a “reason why I love you notebook” for your partner or yourself on valentine’s day and writing the reasons why you love them in it. Absolutely anyone would love that!

5) Chocolate (for him, her, you)

Who wouldn’t love a good chocolate treat on valentine’s day? Almost everyone loves chocolate and a box of chocolate would be an amazing valentine’s day gift!

6) Customizable personalized couples portrait (for him, her)

Why not add a little twist and get your S/O a personalized portrait? Portraits are cute and lovely and a personalized portrait is even cuter!


7) A Custom engraved wallet (for him, you)

A Customized wallet? I doubt any guy would be able to resist that. This valentine, get your man a personalized wallet. He’ll love it.


These are some gift ideas to spoil yourself or your partner with this valentine! What are you gifting yourself or your S/O this valentine? What gift idea am I missing/did I fail to include? Let me know!


  1. These are some great suggestions for Valentines gifts. I have a blog post coming up as a Valentines gift guide. It is great to see other suggestions. Thank you.

  2. Some lovely ideas here, Ruth. You can't go wrong with chocolate and flowers in my book – and speaking of books, a book by a favourite author is always popular too!

  3. Can't go wrong with chocolate, in my opinion! I've never received flowers so I might buy some for myself this year! x

    1. Haha! he isn’t off the hook. I didn’t even know valentine’s on a Sunday. Maybe you should try giving him subtle hints about what you want for valentine’s so he doesn’t start to feel like he doesn’t have to gift you anything since it’s on a Sunday. x!

  4. Great post! I need all the ideas I can get when it comes to Valentine’s Day, so I love these suggestions 🙂 I never know whether to get my boyfriend “cutesy” gifts or ones that are more tailored to his interests. Thanks for sharing x

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