Today makes it exactly three months since I created my blog and wow what a rollercoaster ride it has been! Blogging is a whole lot of fun but it’s equally as stressful lol. I have learnt a whole lot in 3 months and I can’t wait to share them with you all. To think that three months ago, I sat down and created this blog is amazingly amazing. Within three months, I have been able to do a whole lot and I am gonna share them with you. My blog has undergone a whole lot of transformation and here they are.

  • On the 25th of November 2020, I created this blog. Many of you don’t know but I had a blog before this. Now let’s name that blog X. I created X in March 2020 without knowing a thing about blogging. I saw something about blogging, created a blog and posted very rarely. I created X in March and in November 2020, I decided to take blogging more seriously and start afresh and so I deleted X just before I created Ruthiee loves Glamour. When I deleted X, I had less than 7 posts on an 8 months old blog, ridiculous right? haha. I was so excited to start afresh and go into blogging seriously!
  • I created this blog on blogger and I had the domain but on the 17th of January 2021 after almost 2 months of blogging, I got a domain for my blog.
  • On the 29th of January, I went self hosted and here I am waxing stronger everyday haha!
  • I created a twitter account for this blog on the 19th of December and on there, we have 131 amazing followers.

lessons I learnt from 3 months of blogging

Photo by Lauren Mancke on Unsplash


Twitter – 131 followers. Twitter has been an amazing platform for my blog and it has been the highest source of traffic for my blog. Check out Ruthiee loves Glamour on Twitter!

Facebook – 8 followers. I didn’t keep track of the exact date I created this Facebook account lol. 8 followers on Fb is really small haha. We move anyways! Check out our Facebook page!

Pinterest – 36 followers (211 monthly views) I can’t remember the exact date I created my Pinterest account. OMG! I find Pinterest so hard but somehow I managed to get 36 followers and 1.1k monthly views. I ended up neglecting Pinterest for about a month and my monthly views dropped from 1.1k to 211 monthly views🙈. Check out our Pinterest account!

Instagram – 37 followers. I really don’t have anything to say about Instagram because I rarely use it anyways. I have been really focusing on Twitter and Pinterest and I would love to keep focusing on those two for now but if you want, you can check out our Instagram account!

In exactly three months of blogging, Ruthiee loves Glamour has gained 212 followers across all social media accounts. Fortunately, these figures do not bother me too much as they are pretty much just figures hahaha! I sure want these figures to increase but I do not give myself a headache over them as they will increase with time. I want to be very patient when it comes to getting followers.

Personally, I would rather have 5 followers who interact and engage than 2000 who do not engage and funny enough, I have seen people with thousands of followers who struggle to get 1 like on a tweet and I’m like WHAAAT?! I do not engage in the follow for follow thing anymore because I want people to follow me because they enjoy or relate to whatever I am doing! I feel like if someone follows me just because I followed them, they wouldn’t engage with me as much as they would have done if they followed me because they appreciated, found joy or derived pleasure in what I do! Enough of the lecture now haha! Let’s go straight into the lessons I learnt in 3 months of blogging!


I got to know about the DA thing during these 3 months. Like I stated earlier, I got my domain on the 17th of January 2021. Right now, my domain is 1 month, 1 week and 1 day (39 days) and in 39 days, I managed to get my DA to a 3 and my PA to a 7. That’s probably not a lot but i’m proud of myself for getting such in a little over a month.


1) Blogging takes patience: There have been times when I have felt so frustrated with my blog. I get fed up easily haha but I have realized that if you really want to succeed in blogging, you need to be patient as there will always be bad times but being patient and trying to stick around through thick and thin will help you and help your blog eventually evolve into something beautiful. Blogging takes up a lot of effort, hardwork, determination and all and a lot of times, you will get frustrated but you just need to be patient and keep going. Your hardwork will pay off eventually!

2) Comparing yourself to other bloggers is no good: Comparison is a f**king b*tch and sometimes, it looks as tho the only thing we are good at doing is comparing ourselves to others. Blogging is not an exception when it comes to comparison. Blogger envy/comparing yourself to other bloggers is something that somehow finds it’s way into our lives. I don’t think there’s any blogger out there that can beat their chest and say that they haven’t once compared themselves to other bloggers.

Blogging is a journey. You shouldn’t compare your journey to anyone’s journey and you should never let the fact that someone seems to be doing well in their journey make you feel like you are doing less. Different people have different timings. It might be that persons time to enjoy now, just hold on, your time will come. Focus on your own journey and everything good will come!

Lessons I learnt from 3 months of blogging

3) Do not be isolated: It’s pretty normal to try and be secluded and in your own space as a newbie but it isn’t always good. Reach out to other bloggers, make blogger friends and interact with as many people as you can. As a blogger, you want to reach out to many people right, being isolated all the time will not help give your blog that boost it needs. Talk to people, make friends, build genuine relationships.

In blogging, relationships matter a lot! Do not always be in your own world, talk to people, make friends and even ask for help when you need it. Interacting with people will give your blog an edge and let your blog be made known to 1 more person.

4) Break your texts into paragraphs and add images to your posts: Believe it or not, no matter how informative or catchy your blog post may be, it will be hard for someone to read it if there are no paragraphs or images in your blog posts. Personally, seeing a large chunk of text that isn’t separated by paragraphs make my eyes hurt. Reading a large chunk of text that isn’t separated by paragraphs is something I wouldn’t even consider doing. Breaking your texts into paragraphs makes your post more attractive and readable.

Also, everyone loves things that are aesthetically pleasing and adding a picture to your blog posts increases your chances of getting more views. I mean who doesn’t love a good image?!

5) Not all posts will receive the same reception and appreciation: Different posts will get different reception and appreciation and that’s fine! It took me time to realize and accept that certain posts will get more appreciation, views, comments and reception and I used to get sad when a post didn’t get as much appreciation as the others but guess what the fact that certain posts are more appreciated than others is normal and you shouldn’t beat yourself up or feel sad if a post doesn’t get as much appreciation and reception as you pictured.

6) Taking things slow and at your own pace is key: Yes you are a new blogger. You just created your blog but you want to do everything all at once. You want to start sending out newsletters, start selling and do everything all at once. You would just end up stressing yourself out. Take things slow and easy… I am guilty of wanting to do everything at an extremely fast pace. Within less than 1 month of starting this blog, I set up a store and started selling planners and advertising planners on my blog.

No doubt, there’s nothing wrong with me owning my own store and all but setting up a store in less than one month of me blogging wasn’t it at all. I learnt that the hard way and I decided to put my store on hold till my blog’s a little older. Taking things slowly really helps save you the stress and it helps you get things done even better. Things are more productive when they are done one at a time.

In conclusion, blogging is a gradual process, it’s an ever learning kinda thing and no matter how long you have been blogging for, you can never know it all. It’s been three months since I started this wonderful journey and I am happy I am making progress. There’s still a lot more that I need to learn which is absolutely fine. The above are lessons I learnt from blogging for 3 months. Now it’s your turn, what lessons have you learnt from blogging? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I loved this! I’ve had my blog for just under two months now and honestly set it up on a total whim! You’re so right about not getting bogged down in figures as well, big follower counts don’t always mean good engagement! I was the same as you and would get sad when certain posts didn’t perform as well but I’ve learned to just accept there’s certain things my audience won’t be that interested in. Good luck with your blogging journey!

    1. I’m so glad you relate to this Nicci! Big follower counts do not always mean good engagement. Personally, I want to take time to get followers that will engage with me and my content and not followers that don’t care about what I do anyways haha. Also, I am happy you have come to terms with the fact that not all posts will get the same reception. Thank you for commenting x!

  2. Congratulations on the three months Ruthiee!!! Blogging does take a lot of patience and time, it takes a lot to grow but it’s so very satisfying when people appreciate your work! Comparison can be truly demoralising and bad but we just need to understand we started at different times and we are on different paths. Good luck x

    1. Ah! I personally feel like you won’t do well in blogging if you are not a patient person and yea I agree with you we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others. We started at different times and we are on different paths. Thank you for always leaving lovely comments on here. x!

  3. Lovely post! Definitely agree with all of these. I also recently restarted but I moved and started over after 5 years and.. losing my SEO has made me sad haha. But I’m working my way back! Wishing you all the best x

    Sumedha | the wordy habitat

    1. Oh! You started over after 5 years? Wow that’s a really big thing. SEO is not easy haha. I feel so sorry you lost your SEO. Wishing you all the best too x!

  4. Great read! You have learnt a lot in 3 months which is amazing. I have learned that consistency is key in blogging, your readers want new content as much as possible. It’s important that you make a schedule and try your best to stick to it. I am trying that in 2021 cause 2020 wasn’t consistent for me lol

    1. I could not agree with you more on this Tinuke! Consistency is key.. I feel like if you get everything done and you are not consistent then your hardwork will literally not pay off as much as it should. I do hope you are able to get consistent this year x!

  5. This is a lovely post! I love that you are not focusing on the numbers and rather the engagement; that is where the magic happens.
    Paragraphs and pretty images are also wonderful ways to add breathability to good writing!
    Thanks so much for sharing the lessons you have learned and the mindset you are carrying forward. May the words flow. 🙂

  6. Great advice! I have learned that consistency is key! I have had by blog for almost 3 years but did not start posting consistently until last month. It has made such a huge difference! 🙂

  7. As someone who’s been running a blog for 7+ years yes to all of this. I used to compare myself to other bloggers ALL THE TIME and it only made my blog suffer. Thank you for sharing and your DA will rise with time.

  8. These are some great points. I’ve had various blogs for many years but this one I’ve been running consistently since May 2020. I love the blogging community and think that being isolated is the worse thing you can do as there’s so much support out there.

    Tash – A Girl with a View

  9. I am very impressed with this post, especially as you have only been blogging for 3 months. Some really good advice, and what makes this stand out, is your genuineness in telling us your journey.
    When I read a post that is personal and reflects on life, no matter if it is positive or negative, I feel part of something, so will ‘follow’ and return to read more. The connection is more important to me, than anything else.
    Stay safe
    Steve 🙂

  10. I really enjoyed reading about your journey. I agree that some posts don’t get the reception you think they will. Sometimes they can suddenly become popular months down the line.

  11. Well done with all your achievements in the past 3 months- it’s so exciting that you’ve managed to grow your social media and blog in such a short space of time 🙂 thanks for sharing these lessons x

  12. Amazing post! Thank you for sharing! I totally agree with all of these points especially the first one! Blogging definitely takes time and results don’t happen straight away. I’ve been blogging for about 8 months now!

  13. Congrats on achieving so much in your first 3 months, that’s great! And yes, you’re absolutely right, blogging is a LOT of hard work. People who don’t blog don’t realise what goes on behind the scenes, nor how many skills a blogger has to have. Looking forward to the next 3 months with you now 🙂 x

  14. I really enjoyed this post! You’ve been growing your blog well and have really highlighted a lot of the considerations to consider when blogging. I look forward to reading more of your posts!

  15. It’s funny reading this, experiencing almost exactly the same thing! My blog went live at the start of October, with no real expectations, and since then has enjoyed some pretty surprising growth. When I started, I was writing essay blocks, but have since adapted to make my content more user-friendly! Good luck with your continued journey

  16. Congrats on 3 months of blogging love! Blogging does really need patience and it’s worth the time. Comparing yourself will only make you feel stress and everyone’s journey is different. That’s good that you realize this sooner 😀 Thank you for sharing this x

  17. It sounds like you’ve learned a lot in the last three months! Pinterest has been a struggle for me, but Twitter and Facebook are so good. Another thing I love is scheduling posts ahead of time. I try to have about a month’s worth of posts scheduled so I don’t have to worry too much about my blog if something unexpected comes up.

    Keep up the good work, Ruthiee! You’re doing great.

  18. Such a great post, I’ve been blogging for a while now but I’ve recently started again and have learned how difficult it can be to build up an audience. Congrats on your stats for your first three months blogging, and I completely agree it’s important to take things slow and accept that different posts will fair differently.

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