This is a topic I feel like I should talk about and a lot of people might be offended by this but I don’t care. I don’t give a fuck! Why should guys be strong all the time?

I grew up to meet this belief that guys don’t/should not cry. Like seriously?! Guys are always supposed to be macho and strong but every other person is allowed to have down times. What the hell brought about such a myopic thought and point of view? Guys are humans. They have emotions too. They have feelings, they get hurt, they feel pain so why can’t they show their pain?

So many guys bottle up a lot and try to act strong to everyone whereas they are broken on the inside. Why do we have to make it seem like guys are some emotionless aliens from another planet? Why should they not cry? Girls feel pain and they cry right? Why can’t guys cry then? I get so mad when I hear the statement “you are a guy you shouldn’t be crying”. WHAAAT?!

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why should guys be strong all the time

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Why do guys have to be strong all the time? Why do they come off as weaklings when they show emotions? The guys have to be strong all the time concept has made it difficult for some guys to show their real emotions just so they don’t come off as less of a guy. Dear guys, it’s okay to cry, feel sad and have down times. You are allowed to feel your feelings and there’s nothing wrong with crying, feeling sad and all.

Do not let anyone tell you that you have to be strong all the time. No one is ever strong all the time. It’s high time we change our mentality about certain things. So many guys are out there suffering and dying inside but looking all good on the outside because they don’t want to go against the usual “men should always be strong, men shouldn’t cry” thing.


Crying, being weak and allowing yourself to feel your emotions doesn’t make you less of the man that you are. It doesn’t change you. You remain the same darling! I don’t have a brother but I have friends who are guys. In short, 80% of my friends are guys. While a good number of my guy friends don’t care about the guys have to be strong all the time concept, some of them care about it and never show how they are feeling because they are scared someone’s gonna see them as a weak guy. As a guy, crying, having down times and allowing yourself to feel your feelings would not make you less of a guy. You are allowed to feel your feelings, emotions and react to them in whatever way seems best.

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Why should guys be strong all the time


Funny enough, in the same way there’s a myth about guys having to be strong all the time, there’s this myth about girls being cry babies too. Girls are seen as the one’s who are always crying. They are seen as emotional b*tches. Babes, I am a girl and I am far from being emotional. I do have my down days and days when I am not my best. I get emotional sometimes too but overall, I am not an emotional person. Stop seeing us as cry babies. WE ARE NOT! While I do agree that girls are more emotional compared to guys, we are not always crying. Just so you know.

Everyone’s emotion is valid, no one is always strong all the time and you are allowed to feel your emotions, have down times and tear up if you need to. Encouraging guys to suppress their emotions and act macho and tough all the time can have a lasting damaging effect on them and their mental health later in life. We should all be allowed to feel our feelings and react to them in whatever way seems best.

Come on, it’s high time we start to see guys as complete human beings (like the ladies) who have feelings, emotions and who are allowed to tear up and cry when the need arises. Men are humans. They have emotions too. Let’s help make the world a better place for everyone. Thank you.


  1. I’m glad you wrote an article about this. Unfortunately, this is a part of the many stigma centering around men’s behavior, personality etc. People think men must be strong and decisive all the time and that is ridiculous. Something we should talk about more to change the narrative. Thank you for sharing!

  2. A huge YES to this! I mean I completely agree with all you said, this is a stereotype that has been so rooted in society since we were young that it’s hard to dismantle, but we all need to put the work on it. As you said men do not have to be strong all the time and also, women are not always crying. Thank you for sharing this x

  3. Crying and feeling emotions is not a weakness! I love this post, and I think it’s important that we show men and women alike that it is okay to feel things- good or bad, we don’t all always have to be strong x

  4. Yes! I will never understand this need in our society to convince guys that they have to be rock solid all the time, regardless of what they are dealing with in life. They have emotions and burying these emotions away will only hurt them in the long run. I really hope that our society starts to shift and acknowledge the mental health of men everywhere!

  5. I think in general emotion of any kind from any person makes people feel uncomfortable. And from Men even more so.

    My partner genuinely cries more than I do! And that is most definitely not a bad thing. He is in touch with his emotions and he is a better person because of it x

  6. Great post! Toxic masculinity doesn’t just affect women but men too and more people need to realize that. Emotions and crying are seen as signs of weakness and hence of course women are weak and men aren’t. These labels negatively impact all of us.

  7. The stigma around men’s mental health seems to be fading, but part of the issue is that guys are often still unwilling to engage in these conversations, especially with their male counterparts. Emotions are obviously completely normal, and it’s weird they were ever outlawed, but as you say it’s time we started acknowledging them

  8. Toxic masculinity is such a damaging thing. I really agree that men should be free to express their emotions without any judgements. It’s such a shame that crying is seen as a weakness when being able to express emotions, in my opinion, is actually a strength.

  9. A really valuable and informative piece. I think men’s mental health and emotional well being is certainly sidelined in society and it’s the most damaging thing that really needs to be tackled and talked about more. Toxic masculinity or the idea that any one showing emotions is a weakness is just wrong, especially since our emotions are often our strongest attributes and make us who we are.

  10. It’s sad that showing emotion can be seen as a weakness. It’s just wrong. I believe that it’s okay to show emotions and you don’t always have to strong and perfect. I mean who really is perfect in life. Such a good post.

  11. Yes to this! It’s so important for men to express their emotions – they should be able to express how they’re feeling. I hate when people say men shouldn’t show emotions, that’s barbaric xx

  12. Warmed my heart on this one! Men who have the depth and consciousness to share their feelings positively are the strongest guys I have met and I admire them for being so wholesomely themselves and sharing the emotional ways they redefine what men do, feel, and look like.
    Thanks for sharing a beautiful train of thought! <3

  13. From a guy’s perspective, it’s nice to see topics like this seeing the light as well. Although I do personally think that being too emotional and too in touch with their feminine energy can be harmful to men, I also think that the whole macho attitude is something that needs the boot as well. We seem to go into one direction or the other, but balance is always the key!

    1. While I agree that balance is the key, I strongly advice you do not use the word “FEMININE ENERGY” because like I said in this post, the fact that women are more emotional compared to men doesn’t mean they are always emotional. Emotions aren’t feminine energy. Emotions are part of life and both men and women have emotions. This post was not advicing men to be too emotional. It was just put out there to show men that their feelings are valid and they don’t have to be macho all the time as no one is ever strong all the time. Thank you for your comment.

  14. I absolutely agree with you. Men are often raised that they shouldn’t cry as it shows a sign of weakness. I think it actually shows strength and confidence enough to let their emotions flow. Thanks for sharing this thought-provoking post.

  15. This is such an important issue! I try to make my boyfriend feel comfortable to share all his days with me; good and bad!

    Katie |

  16. There are so many issues with the idea that guys need to be strong all the time. In all honesty, they are humans too, they should be welcomed to have feelings, the whole cycle. It is important that they can feel comfortable about sharing their mental health. Their feelings are just as valid, and they can still be a man even if they feel sad.

    Nancy ✨

  17. I love this! Society needs to take mental health more seriously. And people need to back off and let men express and explore their feelings without ridicule. Thank you for sharing!

  18. Great post! People wonder why suicide rates are so high in men, this stigma you’re talking about is why. Maybe if men felt like they were able to show emotion or talk about how they were feeling, the suicide rates wouldn’t be as they are.

  19. This is such an important topic. Guys being told that they should be strong and show no emotion is completely wrong. I have seen family members try to live this way and it just destroys them. Nobody can keep bottling things up and expect everything to be fine.

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