It’s easy to set goals but achieving those goals is what counts. Setting goals is not the problem. Anyone can conveniently set goals but achieving those goals is where so many people get stuck. Achieving your goals is not an easy task. It can be daunting but it is not impossible. So many people struggle to achieve their goals but I got you covered. And today, I’ll be giving you some tips for achieving your goals. These tips will help guide you in the right path and eventually help you smash those goals!

Goals are just goals and they won’t achieve themselves. We are the ones to put in our time and effort so those goals can come to life. If you are the type to set goals and abandon them, you need to get up and start working towards them. Until we work towards achieving our goals, they will remain goals and never become a reality.

Tips for achieving your goals

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I love setting goals. They are an amazing way to outline what it is you want to achieve and give yourself a direction. At the beginning of this year, I set some goals for myself and while I cannot say I have achieved all my goals for this year, I can certainly say I’m making good progress on them. Here are some tips for achieving your goals!

Set realistic goals

The first step in achieving your goals is setting realistic goal. If you are gonna set a goal like “Climb to the top of Mount Everest in 1 minute”, then you are gonna fail woefully cos guess what babes that’s impossible. Just as important as it is to set goals, it is also important to set realistic achievable goals.

Take baby steps

Baby steps are small acts that take you one step closer to achieving something. You don’t need to do everything at once. An adage says a single drop of water makes a mighty ocean. Instead of trying to do everything all at once, take little defined steps towards your goal and you will see yourself getting a little closer to your goal. Do not rush things. Take it slow!.

Have a to-do list

A to-do list is an amazing way to achieve your goals. To-do lists guide us in the path of our goals and they remind us of the fact that we do have uncompleted tasks. To-do lists are a big source of motivation for me, they always push me to achieve my goals and they make me more organized and focused on what has to be done.

Be consistent

Nothing good comes easily and consistence is key. If you are gonna work on your goals for one day and abandon them for a month, then you are most likely not going to get any result. Put in the time, effort and everything you need to put in until you see results.

Write down your goals

Writing down your goals help you visualize your goals. It creates an image in your mind of how you want the future to be. Writing your goals down will help you get clear on what exactly you want to accomplish and it will also motivate you to take steps to achieve your goals. Write down your goals down. Paste them in a place where you can see them everyday and watch your motivation and willingness to smash those goals peak!

Break your goals into parts

Some goals can be large, complicated and tasking. One of the most effective ways to make achieving a goal seem less daunting is to break them into small manageable units.

Breaking your goals into parts makes them more achievable. For example, let’s say I want to start a blog. Starting a blog is a handful and so I will break it into parts just like this 👇 .

  • Get a domain and hosting
  • Get a theme
  • Write a post

KEEP READING – Tips for achieving your goals

Tips for achieving your goals

Set goals that you have an interest in

The importance of setting a goal you are genuinely interested in can never be overemphasized. Passion is one of the strongest forces that could help you achieve your goals. It’ll keep you going even in tough times. If you set a goal you don’t have a passion for, it’ll be easy to drop it and move on when things get tough. But if you set a goal you have passion for, your passion will drive you till the end.

Set deadlines

Tbh, one of the things that push me to achieve my goal on time is setting a deadline. There’s something about setting deadlines that move you to get something done as soon as possible. I use deadlines and they have been one of the most effective methods of achieving my goals.

Take breaks

Breaks can be a total God-send! Sometimes when we feel unmotivated towards achieving our goals, we seem to get our groove back after taking a break. Breaks are a must. You are not required to work your ass out just cos you want to achieve a particular thing. Even while trying to achieve a goal, you should always look after yourself as often as possible. Breaks will help you be more effective in achieving your goals.

Let someone hold you accountable

This has helped me a whole lot. Sometimes, having someone hold you responsible and follow up on your goals is the best way to achieve your goals. I like having people follow up on my goals and hold me responsible for my goals. Find someone to hold you accountable for your goals. Let them keep checking on you, making sure your goals are not just lying there and you are working on them.


Different goals require different methods to achieve them. If a particular method does not work, re-strategize, try a different method  and keep looking until you find a method that works for you. Do not be afraid to re-strategize and fire on. If one method doesn’t help in achieving your goals, drop it, find a more suitable method and make use of it.

Stop procrastinating

Oh darn! I can be the queen of procrastination. If I was given 1 dollar for every time I procrastinated, I would probably be a billionaire right now haha. Procrastination has always been something I have struggled with. I would do it later. Later comes, I will do it later again. Procrastination can stop you from achieving your goals. Work on your goals without procrastinating. The best time is NOW! not later.

Put in the effort

In the end, everything I have stated would be ineffective and absolute bullshit if you don’t put in the effort. Your effort is what makes your goal become a reality. Put in all the effort you can and your effort will definitely yield results. Life rewards efforts so dive in and put in the effort.

Don’t beat yourself up when a goal seems so hard to achieve

Do not beat yourself up when a goal seems so hard to achieve. Some goals are as difficult to achieve as going to rescue a person from 10 lions without getting eaten haha (great illustration right?!). Some goals can be an absolute pain to achieve but no goal is impossible to achieve. Whenever a goal seems unachievable, instead of beating yourself up, calm down, take a break, remember why you started and fire on!!!

These are a few tips for achieving your goals. What tips do you use to achieve your goals? How do you deal with procrastination? If this post has been helpful to you, please share! Thank you.


  1. I’m the world’s worst for understanding baby steps. When I create a plan I want to tick all of the boxes as soon as I can! Baby steps is reality!

  2. I love these tips for achieving goals. Setting goals that are easy to achieve make the world of difference. Setting reminders and creating to do lists are so helpful!

  3. I absolutely love this post . I legit was just telling my therapist how I reached a Plateau in reaching my goals, due to trying to do everything at once , and lack of organization etc . This just gave me confirmation on what I need to do so I’m grateful to come across this. These tips are good. I had just wrote down my goals for the month the other day as well as the steps I need to take to accomplish some of those goals for the week. I have a dry erase board and I wrote down some task for the day to accomplish. I made myself a schedule so I can stay focused and on track( to avoid procrastination). When I stay consistent and take baby steps like you mentioned is when I noticed the best results.

  4. To achieve my goals I keep putting effort, cos I know they won’t achieve themselves. And I try my best not to beat myself up when I don’t achieve them. This is nice 👍

  5. This is a great post, Ruth! I’m really bad about goals…I can make them, but then somewhere along the way everything goes up in smoke. I think it might be executive dysfunction, though, so I’m trying to look into that.

  6. It would be great if goals would achieve themselves ha ha ha. I definitely need something or someone to hold me accountable in order to overcome my lack of motivation, depression, and procrastination problems

  7. I love having a to-do list! I give myself deadlines for the things I really need to get done and a little wiggle room for the smaller tasks. Starting out with a smaller task too helps me find the motivation to nail down the big ones too.
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. I am currently in the process of going over some long terms goals now and this is such a beautiful reminder on the steps needed to complete these tasks. What a great post. Thank you!

  9. Great tips! I’ve got loads of goals I’m struggling with at the moment. I just cant set aside the time while looking after a baby, it’s impossible!

    Corinne x

  10. Couldn’t agree more with your tips ! Breaking your goals down into parts as well as giving yourself a deadline has been so helpful to me !
    Having an accountability buddy is also such a great way to stay on track with your goals!

  11. These are great tips! I love setting deadlines and keeping track of progress. They have really helped me to meet my targets and also to see where I am putting too much pressure on my self. Thank you for sharing 🙂 Em x

  12. These are all great tips! Having them written down and a structured plan helps so much. Breaking them down into smaller steps is so motivating too because you feel like you’re achieving something even if you’re nowhere near the big goal yet x


  13. Taking baby steps and not beating yourself up are both super important to me. I’m a huge fan of goal-setting, but I’ve found that sometimes I set the bar too high for myself. Taking those little steps, breaking things down, and giving myself grace when I don’t “measure up” is so important.

  14. Set goals that you have an interest in – that’s such a good tip, Ruth. I stopped setting goals a while back because I rarely achieved them but perhaps I was setting the wrong goals! Time for a rethink, perhaps – thank you for sharing your tips 🙂

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